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La Fiesta de San Juan (aka, Summer Solstice Party, or “Everyone build a fire on the beach”)

Last night a huge beach party went down all along the coast of Almeria to celebrate La fiesta de San Juan.

San Juan is a couple days after the summer solstice, but it celebrates the longest day of the year anyway, along with San Juan, or Saint John. I don’t know what he’s the saint of…

People in Almería celebrate by gathering friends, firewood, and food, congregating on the beach, and passing by the hours of the evening into the night with full bellies and general merriment. At midnight, they light the huge bonfires they have built and run to the ocean to either wash their faces or jump in entirely to get rid of all the negative things and negative energy from the past year.

San Juan in Retamar

San Juan in Retamar

Love in San Juan

Love in San Juan

We ordered some pinchos, or sish-kabobs from a bar and some grilled sardines (YUM!) and trekked down to the beach with a blanket and beers to watch the festivities. We definitely participated, washing our faces in the ocean and laughing at the monstrous bonfires and crazy yungins. It was a nice time of reflection on the past year in the midst of such a setting and thinking of the negative things that I didn’t want to be a part of this coming year. I was so fortunate to be spending it with people whom I consider part of my family 🙂

Feliz San Juan and may the coming year be filled with positive energy, love and light for you!


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