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España, you’re beautiful.

I can honestly say there is no greater way to see a place than on a moto. The invigorating speed and the sights whizzing by; its a lovely a experience- definitely makes me feel giddy like a kid! On Wednesday, we went to a cute little town across the Sierra calles San Ildefonso to visit the gardens of La Granja. It’s surrounded by serrated mountains peppered with cyclists riding up and down the steep climbs. As I chilled on the back of the motorbike on the way up, I couldnt help but think that I was glad not to be one of them. 🙂

Lookout from a Puerto on Sierra Guadarrama

Lookout from a Puerto on Sierra Guadarrama

We ate a delicious lunch of judiones, pisto, and cordero and proceeded to walk to the palace, La Granja, to see the gardens and the fountains. They have a special schedule for the fountains in the garden and they only turn them on between the hour of 5:30 and 6:30. Tourists had packed the place to see the fountain show, among them lots of school groups. We got to the last fountain that ended up being huge. The geyser that exploded from the middle of it caught the wind and sprinkled all the spectators standing to one side. Then, whoever was manning the fountain, I imagine a little man behind a curtain kind of like the wizard of Oz, really turned on the water and shot even higher. When the wind caught it, it brought downpours of water onto the sidewalk soaking whoever was lucky enough to be standing in it’s way.  Now, think about this equation: hot summer day + cold water coming down from the sky from a fountain + about 100 schoolchildren, what could possibly be the outcome? Well, at one point, as the kids were screaming and running through the water, Felipe turned to me and said, “Was this a theme park or La Granja?”

Water Park La Granja

Water Park La Granja

It’s been quite surreal, this being back here. At times I cant get over it and other times I get so happy that I’m finally here after so much time. I had a really intense moment of complete bliss and gratitude as we crossed the Sierra on the way back toward Madrid. We rode through this beautiful forest, breathing in the fresh, green air and the sunlight peeking through the trees. All I could think was, “I’m finally here! I finally made it back. Spain, you’re beautiful.”


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