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¡Vaya pepinaco!

My last day in the Spanish capital as Felipe’s sidekick was a lovely one. We went around on the moto to various places in the center of Madrid. First we stopped at a building, the Centro Cultural located on the Gran Via. We rode the elevator to the top to look out onto all of Madrid. What a fabulous view and a great way to orient yourself in the city.

View of Madrid from the top of the Centro Cultural

View of Madrid from the top of the Centro Cultural

We then went to the bustling, international neighborhood called Lavapies. Lots of different types of restaurants and foreigners who had come to Spain to try and make a life there. We ate at a little Indian restaurant and, I am kicking myself now wondering why I didn’t take a photo of the colorful rice we ordered, I’d never seen such a thing! Rainbow colored rice. It was as delicious as it was beautiful 🙂 We got a couple of dishes, Matar paneer and chicken tikka masala, and I ordered a mango lassi as there is nothing better that accompanies Indian food.

We spent some time walking around Chueca, the hip neighborhood that has been completely renovated due to regentrification and the arrival of some people with very good tastes.

The last night was delightfully spent with Laura and Ramon on the roof of an old university in Madrid. The space is awesome and has been converted into Gaudeamus, a restaurant so hip that you are only allotted a certain amount of time before you have to leave to make room for others. We were there from 8-10pm, but that was hardly enough time to enjoy the amazing food.

View of the terraza of Guadeamus

View of the terraza of Guadeamus

The word of the day today was “Pepinaco”. Felipe and I tried to alternate between English and Spanish he could practice. Anyway, we were on the moto and passed this amazing Ducati. If was a beast! So awesome. So, Pipe tells me that when you see something like that, you say “Vaya pepinaco de moto!” For those word-nerds out there like me, I’ll break it down for you: pepinaco comes from ‘pepino’. Taking off the ‘o’ and adding the ending ‘-aco’ to the end changes the meaning to imply something is awesome.

Que pepinaco de moto!

Que pepinaco de moto!


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