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As I sit in the breakfast nook of my home, I think to myself that I have never felt more at peace.  This is my safe haven.  I watch as the silent, sunlit clouds give way to the Carolina sky.  The birds flutter about for their first meal of the day.  All is beginning yet has been for centuries.  Winter is at its peak, and I’ve recently discovered that I love winter.  It’s the time when we see the structure of nature.  It’s the season when nature so boldly bares all and says “THIS is me!”  We, the passive observers, don’t see past the gnarly, gangly arms of the trees nor the gardens which lack flowers. Yet this is the backbone of creation.  With confidence, the skeletons of nature dance to the winter song of the birds.  And once the sun decides to grace her with his warmth, she will woo us with her mesmerizing wardrobe of beautiful emeralds, amethysts, ambers, and rubies.  Her rich perfume which could never be recreated will enthrall us and we will be awed once again by her.

But, I love winter.  I love it because the greatest statement is made to humanity: it’s when nature challenges us to bare all before one another like she does for us.  How fearful, what audacity!  But, how wonderful and beautiful.  To be comfortable in our own skin; isn’t this what everyone yearns for?  To be bold and confident with grace.   Nature is wise.  We should marvel even at the most desolate of seasons.


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