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collective poetry entry #1: untitled on the bus to tomares

diamond shapes in clouded cities

a soft brush of a hand in crowded streets

is it welcome?

the comforting caress of a trusted love

or a well hidden threat of an unfriendly menace with loaded motives

except that your adulterous eyes betray you

and the truth shines thru the windows of your soul

open the windows!

expose yourself to the world

become vulnerable to change

that change is inevitable

like a woman in her ninth month


and any moment will bring crying & laughter

because nature says so

without sorrow we’d know not joy

without villains, we’d have no heroes

good becomes evil & evil becomes good

and good leaves its imprint on everything

while evil waits like a ghost in a photograph

fear isn’t valid- only strength & confidence

let evil wait while we wallow in security

enveloping us like a spring day

until the clouds roll in and the rain falls down

wait for the calm after the storm

when the fresh smell of rain brings

tranquility and new life

without shame- bright lights to lead you home.

co-written by
crystal beth, julisha, and curly


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