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A “Re-memorable” Day and Happy Thank Yous

This weekend was completely ridiculous and hilarious and amazing! It was a holiday weekend here as the Spanish celebrated the signing of their new constitution on December 6 and December 8 was the day of a certain Inmaculada the Virgin (they’re Catholic), which is the National “Virgin” of Spain (that sounds silly. sorry, i know i’m immature..)

So anyhoots- this holiday weekend. Normally, we try to take advantage of our days off from school to travel. But seeing as how we just went out of town a couple of weeks ago, were more or less homeless (in that we had no house of our own) for a while and had finally just moved in to our new home, we decided to not go anywhere and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Sevilla. Not so, my friend. Not so. These past 4 days were spent out and about all the livelong day!

Friday was Pancake Day at the Beth and Ashley abode. We try to remember our roots and celebrate our heritage so we don’t lose touch with the important things in life such as: eating pancakes. Sadly, we don’t have maple syrup, but that problem will be remedied shortly…

Saturday we went to a neighboring town called Tomares to eat lunch with friends of Beth’s. They are older (like early 40’s), but lovely people. Lunch here is a huge deal, and especially when it’s a holiday weekend. When it was all said and done, we had been at the table for 5 hours!! Just talking and drinking and eating and drinking and eating some more. Good wholesome fun. Then, somebody had the genius idea to go ice-skating! It was A-mazing. Please, picture the scene with me and chuckle:
A small ice rink
Jamiroquai’s “Traveling Without Moving” album playing in the background
Torn up ice because they needed to scrape the surface
Aaaaaaaaaaand…. Wait for it:
Palm trees.
That’s right…Palm trees. Must’a been like 60 degrees that night. No wonder there were chunks of ice on the rink…

Great fun indeed and quite a “re-memorable” day ☺

Monday we went to José the Spanish lumberjack’s parents’ house for a proper Spanish “barbeque”. His parents live in the middle of this famous national park here- Doñana. His dad is a guide and takes important people like the king and queen and president, etc on guides around the park… this was their playground growing up!

We played Trivial Pursuit in Spanish… a lot more difficult than it sounds. And celebrated our friend Quique’s (Key-kay) birthday, who upon receiving the well wishes would say “happy thank yous”.

Seriously, who am I to get to partake in all of these crazy amazing experiences?


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