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(Not) Foggy London Town

2 1/2 days.
3 nights.
2 American girls.
1 Italian boy.
1 Alt-country singer.
3 band members.
1 Lovely city.
2 sunny days.
1 afternoon tea.
4 warm scones.
74 minutes in the Tate Modern.
3 bridges passed.
1 choral concert in Westminster Abbey.
6 rides on the Tube.
2 hours in the Camden Market

London is absolutely awe-inspiring. It’s one of those cities that makes you feel like you’ve been there before. Something completely unique and special calls out to you upon stepping onto the street and taking your first breath in that city. What makes it so special? Is it the weather (rainy, cloudy, or sunny), the fast pace of the people bustling about, the spacious boulevards between the buildings, the architecture of those buildings? Or maybe it’s the long history of clans, battles, castles, kings, queens, musicians, and the like, or the smells of lavender and yummy ethnic food at the market, the great antiquity of it all, the art, the old pubs, the markets, that river…. It’s altogether overwhelming and fantastic at the same time and like a tune I mentally replay for weeks on end, I cannot get the intriguing memory of London out of my mind. You will never know what I’m talking about until you visit that splendid place. Sooo…. what are you doing still reading this?!! Shouldn’t you be on your way to the airport right now?


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