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Coffee with a Stranger on Halloween

I’m coming up on my third week here, and we’re still looking for a place to live.  The search has been pretty difficult as most apartments and flats have been rented already by the students that came in September for the school year.  We’ve got a few prospects but the pickings are slim.  However, just because we don’t have a place to live doesn’t mean life stops!  Here are a few things that have happened:

Beth and I have booked tickets to London to go see Ryan Adams in concert on November 20.  If you haven’t heard the new album called “Cardinology”, get your hands on it NOW- it’s an incredible disc and will definitely be in my “Most Played” list of songs by the end of the week.  While in London, we’ll be staying with my dear, dear friend Marco from Italy whom I met studying in Santander 3 years ago.  I love reunions!!  It’s gonna be awesome!  We’ll be there for 3 days, hopefully cramming in some touristy activities (and meeting Ryan so we can hang out after the show! HA! Hey.. you never know!)

Yesterday during our tour of the city looking for “for rent” signs, we ran across a homeless guy who was asking for money to eat.  He was minding his own business and listening to his radio, so we asked him if we could get him something.  What started out as an awkward attempt to lend a hand turned into a lovely thirty minutes sipping coffee in a nearby plaza with a very interesting, well-traveled, soccer crazy German cook who has had an unfortunate turn of events in his life that landed him on the streets in Sevilla.  So many timesI have been unaffected by people’s status on the streets- walking by them desensitized and apathetic of their situation.  I am tired of that and hate that it has become such a habit of mine.  So, in an effort to acknowledge their existence and ultimately that they are human and have feelings and needs, too, I have felt more led to smile and show them that I at least see them and know they are there. And occasionally drop a coin or two.  Or invite them to coffee 🙂  It made me more aware of the things I don’t need and the things for which I should be thankful.  Things as simple as warm food on a cold day, a pillow, or even a scarf.  Cheers to you, Jorge.  And may Betis win on Sunday!

Yesterday was Halloween (Halowin according to a poster we saw announcing a party in Sevilla!) and I had my FIRST trick-or-treaters EVER stop by since being on my own.  Sad to say- I was not in the U.S., but in a foreign country, and I was completely unprepared! We had no candy or treats to pass out to the ghouls and vampires that stopped by our apartment!  It was neat to see the kids all dressed up though- a little bit of home away from home 🙂

Well… There’s that!  Not much to say at the moment, but hopefully we’ll find a home soon and I’ll finally be able to unpack my suitcases!


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  1. Your Mother!

    Read your blog – just be careful! Thanks for being such a sweetie and sharing wtih others – too bad the Halloween Candy I mailed you did not make it there on time for your trick or treaters!!! I love you and miss you and can’t wait to see you in December. Let’s go to the mountains and experience some snow!!! Lots of love hugs and kisses! mama

    November 5, 2008 at 9:18 pm

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