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Hello World!

Well… I’ve done it! No, I didn’t buy a new car, and I didn’t sign up for a 401K (though I should…). No, I’ve finally given into that craze: “blogger-mania”. For a while I refused to create a blog, but often found myself on blogsites of friends, secretly wanting to create one to appease that inner nerd of mine. I finally have a good reason, and it’s as much for myself as it is for the people I love. In an effort to better document my adventures, be them in daily life or special circumstances, I’ll be posting thoughts and photos here. This way, you can get the scoop and it’s easy as pie: just save me in your favorites!

That being said, tomorrow I ship off to begin my final year as an English teaching assistant in Sevilla, Spain. I’ll be at the same school I’ve been at for the past 2 years, hopefully ending my time here properly while finding a bit of direction for my vagabond life. In the meantime, I hope to give you a little insight into what my life looks like in Sevilla; not just the amazing coffee, the wonderful music, an exotic culture, or the delicious food, but also the struggles and eye-opening experiences that take place. So, feel free to stop by here every now and then, and don’t be stranger- write me every now and then to fill me in on your life!  Ciao for now.


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